Festa Galattica 2024

Galactic Party for Spiritual Hitchhikers – Road to Santiago

AUG 28-SEPT 1 2024

From East and West
From North and South
From the sky and the earth
Spiritual Hitchhikers from every corner of the cosmos are gathering for a grand Galactic rendezvous in Portugal 🇵🇹

Together, we will share Music, Arts, Stories, Adventures, Journeys, Experiences, Love, and much more, embarking on the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in a secret location amidst the wild nature.

After three years of the Galactic Party for Spiritual Hitchhikers in Italy, a large international gathering is set to take place, bringing dreamers, pilgrims, travelers, alchemists, and apprentices from all over to celebrate the magic of life and the cosmos!

Following the unexpected success of the past three editions and before a significant break in 2025, where the party will be on hiatus to restart a new cycle in 2026.

Let go of the unnecessary, cleanse your intentions, and ignite your spirit. Walk the ancient Camino de Santiago, uncover its mysterious secrets, and join the party with new friends or create them along the way!

We await you in Portugal 🇵🇹 amidst its pristine nature!

August 28 – September 1
Portugal 🇵🇹

Legal Event, Secret Location in Nature
Location available 15 days before the event
👣 🚲
Recommended to arrive in the most sustainable way. Reach us on foot or by bike with good people and positive energy!



Synthetic drugs, glass, weapons and bad vibes are not welcomed

Galactic Membership with the association Festa Galattica APS ETS is mandatory for all events

(And valid for 365 days from purchsase)
Send the ticket receipt with your name and surname to: