Galactic Membership Card 🪐

Welcome to the GALACTIC Tribe!

The GALACTIC MEMBERSHIP CARD is mandatory to participate in all events of the FESTA GALATTICA.

It serves to:
– Protect you from injuries
– Legal coverage to participate in the association’s initiatives
– Support the legal expenses of the tribe


If you buy a Festa Galattica official ticket, the membership is INCLUDED (not for reselling tickets, the membership must have your name)

Fill out the form below to get your Galactic Membership Card!




After completing the form, send the bank transfer to:
Festa Galattica Aps Ets
Iban: IT67Y0760111400001066698018
€36 Annually (365 days after activation)
Reason: Membership Fee + First Name + Last Name

Remember to send the receipt + first name + last name to the email

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Now you officially belong to the Galactic Party!

Let’s grow together on this beautiful journey to discover our inner universe and our true Galactic spirit 🪐🏄‍♀️✨🦄