Festa Galattica per Autostoppisti Spirituali is a tribe spread all over the universe, aiming to elevate the Human Being through cultural, social and artistic means.

Who are the Galactics?

The Galactics love being in touch with nature and living in harmony with its cycles. They create and build anything by hand, not worrying about getting dirty, while supporting each other during the hard work. The Galactics take care of the Self and the group with respect, attentiveness and love. They radiate energy as they follow the flow singing, playing and dancing barefoot anywhere they can, alternating sacred spiritual moments with a healthy dose of craziness and fun. The Galactic’s soul and body is nourished both by natural, genuine food, prepared with love, and authentic, deep human interactions.

The Galactics welcome every spirit they meet along the way, promoting human biodiversity and elevating the uniqueness of each individual.

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